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Harry/Cedric Slash Community

A love that will never die

Harry Potter/Cedric Diggory Slash Community
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Welcome to the Harry Potter/Cedric Diggory slash community!

For those that love them together, feel free to post fanfiction, icons, layouts, promotional pictures, mp3s, wallpapers, anything to express the love/attraction between them.

Let's lay a few ground rules first though...

[×] ___NO BASHING! This is a community for those that like them not oppose her. Show some respect.
[×] ___Respect your fellow posters.
[×] ___Don't forget to use the LJ-cut for large images, fanfiction, and the like.
[×] ___PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Relate all posts to Cedric/Harry! We don't need to hear anything else! That's what your personal livejournal is for!
[×] ___You may advertise, but if it gets crazy, it will be banned.
[×] ___Have fun!!!!

Intro questions for you all in your first post!

Where do you live?
Why do you love them/What do you love most?
When did you start?
Are you here to contribute graphics, icons, fanfiction? Or just to share your love?
Suggestions/Comments (on the comm.)?

Enjoy your stay!

If this comm. gets popular, I will need help from some willing people to maintain this comm. And if anyone could suggest a club icon and a layout, it would be very much appreciated!